Our Services

Fred J Potter and Son, for over a 100 years, have prided themselves on providing Broken Hill and it's surrounding areas, a range of specilialised and tailored services. From Pre-Paid and Pre-Planned funerals to burial, cremations and Memorial services, we can tailor something to suit your family and their needs

We work closely with you and your family, ensuring you are catered for every step of the way, to ensure the personalised touch is placed on every aspect. Below are just a small list of some of the key aspects we can assist with

Pre-Paid funerals

Pre-paying your funeral with Fred J Potter and Son is the most cost-effective and stress free way of arranging a funeral. Allowing you to not only alleviate financial distress off your family, but emotional stress as well. Not only you do you get to have a say in what your wishes are and keep them recorded, but it locks in the funeral at todays price.

With the money safely held in trust, and your wishes stored for posterity, you can relax knowing that when the time comes, everything is taken care of

  • Pay today's price, beat rising costs.

    With a prepaid funeral plan you pay today's price and avoid things like inflation and rising premiums. Pay in instalments or upfront, whatever works for you. A prepaid funeral is also exempt from the Centrelink assets test so it can help you qualify for a pension or part pension.
  • No ongoing payments.

    With a prepaid funeral you only pay for the funeral you want. No additional costs and no premiums to pay for you or your family. The cost of a prepaid funeral will vary depending on the inclusions. Once paid in full there is no more to pay unless additional inclusions are incurred.
  • Remove the worry, give peace of mind

    When the time comes it's planned and paid for, family and friends won't have to deal with arrangement details or financial concerns, as everything is taken care of.
  • No extensive paperwork or health checks.

    It is as simple as meeting with a funeral director, having a discussion, signing some paperwork and arranging payment.
  • Customise your preferences

    Having a say in your own service means that you can ensure you get the service you want. You have the flexibility of making changes at a later date as well.