Someone you love has passed away

The passing of a loved one is already difficult due to grief, so it is important you have a team advising you that is compassionate and clear.

Before the funeral service we will support you through the process by:

  • Providing clear advice and explanations through each step
  • Applying for certificates and notifying important authorities
  • Putting your mind at ease by answering all your questions clearly and concisely
  • Being a support network for you and your family

We pride ourselves on being there for you and your family, and ensuring that the whole process is as smooth and stress free as possible.

Who to notify

Family and close friends will be the first people you notify however an often overlook aspect is nominating someone to act on the family's behalf during the arranging process. To save miscommunication and complication, it is always simplified if there is one person acting as the central contact point.

Talking to a funeral director should then be your next call who can then provide advice, assist you with any preparation or paperwork and help with notification of relevant authorities such as Department of Human Services.

Then there are others to notify, however most do not need to be notified straight away unless there is an upcoming appointment.

  • The Executor nominated by the deceased
  • Solicitor or Public Trustee in charge of the will
  • Department of Human Services
  • Medicare
  • Department of Veterans Affairs
  • Superannuation companies
  • Accountant/Financial advisors
  • Financial institutions such as banks, loan companies, credit card providers and store card providers
  • Employers
  • Trade unions or associations
  • Funeral funds
  • Insurance companies
  • Vehicle and Licence registrations
  • Doctors, dentists and specialists
  • Post office
  • Utility and rates
  • Home services such as Meals On Wheels, newspaper and in-house care
  • Social media accounts such as Facebook and Twitter
  • Rental agency for whitegoods, vehicles, medical aids etc
  • Church, religious organisations or affiliations

Who is reponsible for the notifications and arrangements

Commonly it is the Executor of the Will or the Next-Of-Kin to make contact with the funeral director however a family appointed member or friend can do so on their behalf. A funeral director is trained to help these individuals to make the numerous decisions and advise on how the personalise a service so that your loved one gets the service they deserve.

Who is the Next-Of-Kin

The NSW Coroners Act 2009 assists in determining who will be a person’s (senior) next of kin. The Next-Of-Kin is selected in order of priority. First, the deceased’s spouse, then adult children, parents, adult siblings, then lastly any person named as executor under the person’s will, or who was their legal personal representative immediately before death. A spouse also includes a de facto partner.

What happens if there is no Next-Of-Kin

When a person dies in a hospital without any next of kin or friends, and no assets, then the hospital takes responsibility for arranging the funeral through a government agency.

If the death occurred at home, once a doctor has issued a medical certificate noting the cause of death, the police organise a burial or cremation of what is known as a ‘deceased destitute person’. They will notify the relevant Director of Public Health, who will then arrange a funeral through a government agency.

For a person who died leaving sufficient assets, the NSW Trustee and Guardian will arrange the funeral and pay for it using money from the deceased’s estate.

Financial Assistance

Funerals can sometimes be an unexpected cost that can put a strain on the family. This is why we offer a range of pre-paid options so that not only can you save money when you need it, but reduces the stress on family.


Some superannuation policies have death insurance included, and some will allow you to draw down on it to pay for funeral costs.


If you were receiving Centrelink support such as Carer Payment or Carer Allowance for looking after an adult loved one, then you may continue to receive this payment for up to 14 weeks after the death of the person you cared for. You may also qualify for a lump sum payment (the equivalent of up to seven installments of the regular allowance).


If you along with your late partner, were receiving a pension from Centrelink or the Department of Veterans’ Affairs, you may be applicable for assistance from the government.

You may qualify for a bereavement support payment if your loved one deferred claiming their Age Pension, but died before making a claim for the bonus. The amount payable will depend on the amount your spouse or partner would have been eligible for.

If you receive a Wife Pension, or Partner Allowance, these payments may continue to you for up to 14 weeks after the death of your husband or partner.

If you claimed support as a couple, you may be eligible for a lump sum Bereavement Payment when your partner dies. It is usually reckoned according to the combined amount you and your partner would have received as a couple, less the new single rate you now receive.


There are a number of allowances that the parents or registered carers may be eligible to receive, following the loss of a baby. This includes The Newborn Upfront Payment (a $532 tax-free lump sum), Newborn Supplement and a Family Tax Bereavement Payment, which are reckoned subject to your household income.

Other allowances your family may still be eligible to receive, are Parental Leave Pay and Dad and Partner Pay.

Defense force members and veterans

Australia’s Department of Defence and Department of Veterans’ Affairs both administer benefits to cover or help towards the funeral costs of active service members and some veterans.


All Indigenous people are able to access a lump sum payment from the Aboriginal Land Council

We are here to help

No matter what your circumstances, talk to an experience funeral director and they will assist you in tailoring an affordable but memorable service for your loved one. Contact Us Now